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Financial planning

Your financial plan for the future

As a civil engineer you will be used to planning ahead and designing solid foundations, sometimes literally. But when it comes to building a plan for your financial future, have you got it covered?

The benefits of setting a financial plan for the future are well known. Once you have a plan in place you know what your priorities are and when to spend and when to save.

If you are an ICE member, we can offer Financial Planning Workshops that equip you with the right tools to make good financial decisions to lay the foundations of your future.

How we can help

The Benevolent Fund has teamed up with UK Financial Planners, JELF plc to give ICE members guidance on getting started. We offer two workshops tailored to you, whether you’re in the early or latter stages of your career.

Workshop for Early-Career Civil Engineers

In the early years as a civil engineer, your career path is likely to be varied and may well change as you begin to specialise. The result is often a hectic and mobile lifestyle with too little time to get your finances in order and consider your future.

ICE Benevolent Fund can provide you with the tools you need to start planning your future to ensure that money won’t hold you back from realising your dreams.

The half day workshop, for professionals in the first 10-20 years of their career provides advice on a wide range of topics. For instance: personal savings, pensions, debt clearance and financial planning that will help you navigate typical milestones in your personal and professional life.

How you’ll benefit

You’ll get expert guidance on how best to:

Focus on erasing debt

Create a financial plan that you can stick to

Be better with money

Juggle finances when you change jobs

Save for the future

You will leave with the confidence you need to put your plans in place.

It’s never too early to start planning the life you want. Take a look at the Introduction to Money Management workshop programme.

Workshops for Mid-Career Civil Engineers

For many, the mid-career point is busy both at home and at work with too little time to consider the future.  It is also an important time to review where you want to go in life and ensure you have the right financial plans in place.

This one day workshop has been put together for ICE members looking to retire within the next 15–20 years. It will cover a range of topics, including personal savings, long term wealth creation, mortgages, and debt management — as well as preparing for life after work.

How you’ll benefit

You’ll get expert guidance on how best to:

Clear debt and better manage your money

Plan for your retirement

Climb the property ladder

Invest your money

Write a will

Create a financial plan of your own

You will leave with the confidence you need to put your own plans in place.

It is never too late to start planning for the future, so download a workshop schedule and select a workshop appropriate for you.