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Personal resilience

Coping with life’s challenges

Resilience is all about how you as an individual deal with stress and change in your everyday life.

Coping with change, whether in the workplace or elsewhere, can cause concern and uncertainty for us all.

Our Personal Resilience workshop will help you deal with these periods of transition, focus on building your personal resilience and provide you with the tips and tools you need to maintain a consistent working performance.

How we can help

If you are an ICE member, we’re here to help you build the resilience you need to effectively manage stress and adapt to change to cope with the challenges and pressures of everyday life.

Supporting your continuing personal and professional development, we run a programme of workshops to help you deal with periods of transition. For instance: the benefits of change, your attitude and approach and how to maintain a consistent working performance during this time.

Change can sometimes result in high levels of stress, which means we need to focus on building our resilience. This workshop looks at how to recognise stress, manage it and develop positive coping strategies to maintain a high level of resilience in our lives.

Topics covered:

Understanding pressure, stress and performance

Identifying the signs and symptoms of stress in ourselves and others

Healthy habits that drive personal resilience

Mindfulness techniques

Building resilience & managing stress

You’ll benefit from meditation, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, which we’ll practice during the session. And you’ll get a chance to share your own personal experiences and discussion with other people if you wish.

Download the workshop programme and book a course today.

There are also free mindfulness tools and resilience building resources available on our online well-being portal.