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Reach your potential

Our workshops are here to help you reach your goals for your continuing personal development.

We understand the pressures civil engineers face. Meeting the demands of the modern world can be stressful, affecting your capacity to deal with personal challenges.

Planning for contingencies is just as important at home as it is on-site but knowing where to start and finding time for research can be draining.

In all these areas, the workshops we offer can add real value.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

Lifetime financial planning

Personal resilience strategies for better living

Financial and pension planning for our younger members

Planning for a fulfilling retirement

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Webinar range

Free 30 minute webinars to help you manage your money.

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Workshop Schedule 2017

Full workshop and webinar schedule with booking links available here or click on the clicks on this page to book.

Personal Resilience

London 2nd October 

Newcastle 11th May, Bristol 17th May, Peterborough 12th July, Manchester 14th November

Introduction to Money Management

London 11th September

Birmingham 17th May

Intermediate Financial Planning

London 8th December

Birmingham 8th June, Glasgow 20th September

Time Management

London12th June

Birmingham 7th April

Planning for a Richer Retirement:

London 19th May, 18th September, 1st December

Sheffield 22nd March

Oxford 14th June, Taunton 11th October

Workshop Programme Outlines below:

Planning for a Richer Retirement

Personal Resilience

Introduction to Money Management

Intermediate Financial Planning

Time Management

Workshop Bookings: Terms and Conditions

Workshop Schedule with Booking Links

Workshop schedule 2017 with booking links