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Free 24hr helpline: 0800 587 3428

Overseas Helpline: +44 203 701 7066


ICE Ben Fund Office to speak to a staff member directly (8.45am-5pm, Mon-Fri) or Contact us
24/7 helpline for help on a number of issues and for urgent help outside of Ben Fund office hours (contact number from UK & Overseas shown above)

Financial help

Your backup in times of need

Hear from current Chairman, Jon Sturgess, about how we helped him when he needed financial support:

Jon, Chairman of ICE Benevolent Fund, talks about the time he needed help. from ICEbenfund on Vimeo.

Making ends meet on a daily basis can be a constant balancing act — calculating for what’s around the corner, virtually impossible.

So when life gets in the way and things get tough, we’re here to lend financial assistance and help you regain control.

Application forms and guidance notes are available at the bottom of the page.

How we can help

As an ICE member, if you or your family are experiencing financial difficulties, please get in touch.

We offer one-off grants to bolster your financial capabilities and regular support to underpin your finances when you need it most.

If you have been affected by redundancy or ill health, or are simply struggling to meet your day-to-day needs, we can help:

Emergency grants in a crisis

Monthly payments to those who are not working and who are on very limited incomes

Financing disability aids, adaptions and equipment to promote better independence

Grants towards house repairs or maintenance

Help with residential or nursing home fees

Grants for carer’s breaks and respite care

If you are a graduate grade ICE member, or above, past or present, there’s a good chance you could be eligible for help. We also help dependants of any former member of the Institution of Municipal Engineers.

Simply download an application form (UK or overseas) and refer to the guidance notes and supporting documentation papers before completing your application.

If you have any questions about the application process call our office on +44 (0) 1444 417 979.

Financial Assistance Application Forms and Guidance Notes

Application Guidance Notes

Supporting Paperwork Required

Financial Assistance: UK Application Form

Financial Assistance: Overseas Application Form

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