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Celebrating success at the Benfund Annual General Meeting

Andrew Wyllie, ICE President and Patron of the ICE Benevolent Fund, addresses delegates.
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“How proud we should be of our Benevolent Fund” Andrew Wyllie said, as he addressed members at the Annual General Meeting of the ICE Benevolent Fund. “The ICE is a community – a group of professionals who work together but who also look after each other, and their families, when times get tough.” Andrew Wyllie, ICE President, serves as Patron to the ICE Benevolent Fund during his year of office and was delighted to address Trustees, staff, members and visitors of the Ben Fund, as Key Note Speaker, at their AGM, which took place at One Great George Street on 20th June.

He took the audience back in time and reminded ICE members of the purpose of the Institution, from its very beginnings to how its future may be shaped. He demonstrated that it is vital the ICE be at the forefront of the Smart Infrastructure revolution.

Teresa Frost, Chairman of the ICE Benevolent Fund, presided over the formal business of the AGM. Teresa congratulated the team on another year of fantastic work and outlined the successes of 2018 and planned developments for the forthcoming year. She thanked Trustees stepping down; Ted Hiscocks, Ian Gee, William Kemp, Yvonne Murphy and David Porter. Voting for new Trustees took place by proxy, and on the morning of the AGM, and Teresa announced the new appointments of successful candidates Yvonne Murphy, Jon Sturgess and David Balmforth.

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Samantha Payne, Marketing Manager of the Benevolent Fund, concluded the morning’s programme by presenting on the new website development project and outlined the very positive results that have led to more members applying for support. The ICE Ben Fund is one of the first to have integrated online applications for financial assistance available to its members and their families.

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Wellbeing services and support was the focus for the visitor and trustee training afternoon. Lindsay Howell, Head of Casework and Services, managed the afternoon session, that began with personal experience updates from Izzy, Chris and Nick, beneficiaries of the Ben Fund, who had presented at the event the year before.

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Following on from this we heard from Lucy Whitehall, Director of Transform and Thrive, about why personal wellbeing is important, not just individually, but crucially to organisations. “We’re not just machines making money” she explained, “we’re individuals” She talked about how the workshops and webinars she delivers, on behalf of the Ben Fund, help members build their personal resilience and manage anxiety. There has been a sea change on the importance of wellbeing, as a health and safety issue, throughout the construction and engineering sector. The Ben Fund has responded with initiatives to proactively support members and help them improve their mental health and wellbeing before crisis point.

As part of this package of wellbeing support, Jo Thresher, Director of Better with Money, also delivers a range of webinars to improve members’ financial resilience. Jo talked through typical sources of financial worries that can affect someone’s health and wellbeing and stressed why it is important to empower people to control their finances and be better with money.

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Delegates enjoyed the content of the day and left feeling informed, inspired, educated, and motivated about the work of the Benevolent Fund and how it impacts ICE members, former members and their families.

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