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One day changes lives

National PR campaign encourages more people to seek support. Grant giving from the ICE Benevolent Fund in 2019 saw a 40% increase on the previous year.
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It's Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year because of post-Christmas financial and emotional hangovers. It is also one of the busiest times of the year for applications to the ICE Benevolent Fund and this year it expects to see an even higher number of applications, as it takes part in national PR campaign aimed at raising awareness of the impact grant-making charities have on society.

One Day Changes Lives is a new national awareness day on 22nd January, created by the Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) and supported by long-standing member the ICE Benevolent Fund.

National data from the Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) shows the number of people seeking help from charities and benevolent funds has risen over the last four years and nearly half a million people turned to charities for help in just one year.

The ICE Benevolent Fund is a long standing member of the ACO and offers a variety of support including short and long-term financial grants, financial advice, help getting back to work, housing, student grants, face to face and telephone counselling, help for those living with autism and those experiencing stress, anxiety or anxiety-based depression. It also offers preventative support with access to online wellbeing resources, free webinars and discounted workshops

In 2019, the ICE Benevolent Fund alone distributed over £750,000 in grant payments to ICE members, representing a 40% increase on the previous year.

The ACO represents more than 120 charities that provide financial support in the form of grants, which help thousands of people across the UK. A recent survey of ACO members showed more than 100,000 people applied for financial help in the last financial year. When extrapolated across its entire membership base, it is estimated ACO member charities will have supported at least 400,000 people in need.

In 2015, ACO member charities distributed more than £56 million in grants which rose to more than £60 million last year. This equates to a whopping £216 million when applied to its entire membership base. In 2019, the ICE Benevolent Fund alone distributed over £750,000 in grant payments to ICE members, representing a 40% increase on the previous year.

The ACO is highlighting the work done by its member charities across the UK on 22 January 2020 by sharing the stories of people whose lives were turned around thanks to the support they received. Its campaign, One Day Changes Lives, supported by the ICE Ben Fund, will show how an individual act of support granted by a charity on one day can have a huge impact in improving someone’s life. Together, individual acts by ACO charities amount to a colossal positive impact on society.

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Kris Barnett, CEO of ICE Benevolent Fund, said:

“We have seen a significant increase in the number of people we’re supporting at the ICE Ben Fund. Individuals and families are struggling to make ends meet, even when in work, let alone when unexpected crises occur, such as job loss, illness, accident or emergency.”

Some examples of how ICE Benevolent Fund has helped people can be found here. Get in touch with them if you are, or ever have been, a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Remember, the organisation also supports dependent family members.

The Ben Fund is encouraging members of the public who have ever been helped by grant-giving charities to take part in today’s campaign and share examples of support on social media using the hashtag #OneDayChangesLives

How Ben Fund services change lives

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