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The power of small

Ending mental health stigma one small conversation at a time.
Helpline Teacup Overseas

This Time to Talk Day, the Ben Fund is joining the effort to get the nation talking about mental health. We know that small conversations have the power to make a massive difference.  


The Ben Fund has a range of services that ICE members and their families can access to support them in maintaining good mental health 


From proactive resilience-building webinars and masterclasses to crisis support, there is something to promote good mental health for all.  


We work in partnership with Anxiety UK and have a package of help available if you, or a member of your family is living with anxiety, stress or anxiety-based depression. We can also support you with counselling if you have experienced a life-altering event such as a relationship breakdown, a bereavement or a medical diagnosis.  


If you would prefer to have a chat with someone on the phone, our partner helpline advisers are available 24/7 in the UK and abroad. You may have questions or concerns about work, home, relationships or your finances. Whatever the issue – we’re here to make life a little bit easier. 


So, grab a cuppa, and take a look at how we can support you.