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Our staff

Led by Kris Barnett, CEO, the staff team has combined experience of over 40 years working with the Ben Fund. The team consists of an Administrator, Casework and Marketing Administrator, Head of Casework and Services, Finance Manager and Marketing Manager.

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Trustee board

Currently led by Teresa Frost, IEng FICE, the Trustee Board consists of 12 ICE members and meets quarterly to set out the strategic direction of the Charity and ensure it is delivering its charitable objects, as outlined in its governing documents.

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Volunteer visitors

The Ben Fund has a network of around 80 volunteer visitors, each of whom are ICE members and civil engineers, who visit applicants to talk through their personal circumstance and see how the Ben Fund can best support them.

Giving something back

Hear from Teresa Frost and some of the Board members about what it is like to support the Ben Fund and work together on the governance of the Charity.

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The role of the Volunteer Visitor

Hear from Leigh Jones about the rewarding role of supporting fellow colleagues when they are experiencing challenges and setbacks.

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