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Josephine - Widow of ICE member

Josephine’s husband had been a civil engineer for more than 50 years. Like many family members, she was unaware that the ICE Benevolent Fund existed.

*The image used in this case is a representation of our beneficiary to retain her privacy (photo by Nika Art on Shutterstock)

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After the passing of her husband, Josephine applied for financial assistance through the Royal Engineers Officers’ Widows Society. It was here that the Grants and Welfare manager made her aware of the ICE Ben Fund and the support that may be available to her.

No-one knows how long their savings will last

Having exhausted lifetime savings, and being aware that no state pension is provided in Kenya, Josephine was looking for help with care home expenses. She received support throughout the application process.

It's important that ICE Engineers know about the valuable support available and share this with immediate family members

Josephine’s application to the Ben Fund was successful and she continues to receive an ongoing financial contribution towards her living expenses.


When asked whether she had any thoughts for anyone who might be considering contacting the Ben Fund, Josephine said; “If you have come to the end of your savings, contact the ICE Ben Fund. It is a path I would highly recommend following”.

The biggest impact was the relief

If you’re an ICE member, don’t forget to tell your family about the range of services available to them. If you’re in need of financial support, or want to find out more about what we might be able to do for you, get in touch today.