How we support you

Pre-diagnosis support

Telephone advice for those seeking a diagnosis

10 year membership of the National Autistic Society

Ongoing autism advice and information


Advice on education rights and exclusions

Publications grant

For reading materials and 10% off publications

Parent to parent and local support

Emotional support and information from parents of autistic children


Online social support and companionship from autistic people and their families

Transitions support

Support for young autistic people and their families when facing change

Our aim is simple: to support you and your family if you are living with autism

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We have teamed up with the National Autistic Society to put together a specialised programme of support for ICE members and their families affected by autism. Support can begin pre-diagnosis, so if you suspect that you, or a close family member, is affected by the condition then get in touch with us.

The National Autistic Society can provide telephone advice to someone if they, or their partner or child, has not had a diagnosis but they are in the process of seeking one.

Following diagnosis there is a range of support on offer including a 10 year membership of the National Autistic Society and all the subsequent benefits this offers.

The opportunity to network and learn from peers is offered at support groups and National Autistic Society branches. There is also support available online and by telephone.

Information about education and entitlements is available, such as getting extra help in schools and how to challenge exclusions.

If you are interested in receiving a package of support from the National Autistic Society then please contact the Ben Fund directly.

This way, your support will be fully funded.

Find out if you are eligible for this service

Talk to a member of our team to see if you're eligible.

Over 50%

of our counselling was focussed on specialist support in 2017, thanks to our partnerships

I work with a number of families that can receive specialist support through this partnership
Lindsay - Caseworker, ICE Benevolent Fund

Pre- and post-diagnosis support from the National Autistic Society gives ICE members a complete package of support that is fully funded by the Benevolent Fund.

Get in touch with the Ben Fund office if you would like to know more.