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The online wellbeing resource library provides an extensive range of support for our members. It is there to help whenever you need it most.


Resources in this section help you navigate career changes and workplace issues to help you strive for a happy work environment and positive work-life balance. Topics include contracts, health and safety, working rights for women and men with children, absence and sick pay, disciplinary, bullying, handling confrontations at work, dismissal, termination and redundancy.


Build your financial resilience and take a look through the resource library to get a better understanding of benefits and entitlements, tax, pay, bonuses and commission, dealing with debt and managing your finances. 

Laws & Rights

A useful starting point to look into laws affecting you at work, finding a home, consumer contract rights, guidance on wills and inheritance, advice around legal aid and UK immigration law. 

Emotional help

Many aspects of life challenge our resiliency. Resources here help you cope with grief, loss, depression, anxiety, bullying and suicide.

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