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Support for ICE members and their families living with autism

Fast-track referrals, pre-diagnostic support and more…
Lets Talk About Autism 2024

World Autism Acceptance Week is being celebrated 2-8 April 2024, with World Autism Acceptance Day falling on 2 April this year.


We’re proud to be supporting National Autistic Society’s (NAS) campaign to help create a society that works for autistic people.


Autistic people face discrimination and barriers across all sectors of society – in health and social care, in education and in employment:


  • Only 26% of autistic pupils feel happy at school
  • Only 29% of autistic people are in any form of employment
  • 70% of autistic people experience mental health problems
  • There are over 150,000 people on the waiting list for an autism assessment in the UK


We want to be part of the solution.


Our partnership with NAS allows us to fast-track referrals for ICE members and their immediate family to a range of autism support services, including:


  • Pre-diagnosis support
  • Specialist behaviour advice
  • Transitions support for those facing change
  • Advice on education rights and exclusions
  • Parent to parent and local support
  • 10-year membership of NAS
  • Publications grant for reading materials


You may also be interested to know that on World Autism Acceptance Day, we’ll be running an extra-length, 40-minute webinar shining a light on how autism can manifest and what support is available to ICE members. Book your place to ensure you don’t miss out!


We can also offer a variety of counselling options for ICE members and their families experiencing mental health issues. This includes counselling for anxiety, stress, or anxiety-based depression and counselling aimed at supporting specific life events.


You can find out more about how our partnership with NAS has supported ICE members by taking a look at Anna and Eric’s stories.


So, if you suspect that you, or a close family member is affected by the condition, or already has a diagnosis, get in touch.


Let’s see what we can do for you, together.