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I had university exams that I couldn’t jeopardise with full-time work.
Diana - Member

I found myself in a very difficult position as I was finishing university. Living expenses after moving to London cleaned my savings quickly before I was able to start my job.

Covid restrictions and ill-health during the year prevented me from working whilst studying and led to a very difficult financial situation.


After many interviews I secured a conditional post-graduate job offer dependent on exam grades starting in September. I would’ve applied for jobs in the meantime but was facing the pressure of achieving good grades.

Diana Martinez
I had read about the Ben Fund and they came to my mind when I was thinking of solutions

I researched the application process and the Ben Fund staff were very responsive when I asked for more details. They even offered to read my draft and gave me pointers.


It wasn’t a difficult application process but rather a fair one to get to know the person’s situation and determine whether they are indeed in need of help.

I was given a decision within 2 weeks – I received financial help and was able to finish my exams and start my job

Through the support of the Ben Fund I was able to fully focus and was able to successfully finish my degree with first class marks.


I wouldn’t have been able to take up the job I had lined up if I didn’t complete my degree and this was only possible because of the Ben Fund’s help.

A degree grade can make a huge difference in a person’s life, especially in competitive industries

I had no one to turn to for help when my studies were impacted. I would say don’t hesitate to contact the Ben Fund for help.