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In February 1992, my late husband suffered 12 major heart attacks.
Joan - Wife of member

Months after he passed, I contacted the ICE to advise them of my husband’s death. With three young sons, and the sudden bereavement, my financial situation became difficult.

The ICE Benevolent Fund were able to offer me financial assistance while the family got back on our feet. 

Joan Graham Case Story Image
In 1999, my eldest son was diagnosed with lymph node cancer

The Ben Fund supported us for a period through my son’s illness, after which, the family relocated to South Africa for work.


A number of years later, the company I worked for went through a period of reorganisation. I was made redundant at the same time as I needed to look for new accommodation as my landlord wanted to sell the property that I was renting. The Ben Fund again were able to support me through this and helped me to return back to my home country of Zimbabwe.

It was a struggle to survive

Having been home for a while, my sister (based in the UK) suggested I come to live with her as life was difficult in Zimbabwe.


It was a long journey – when covid happened, everything came to a standstill for a bit. When restrictions lifted, I was pleased to finally submit my visa application.


The Ben Fund were able to help me with the move, covering the cost of the visa, airfare and covid tests. Meanwhile, my sister (a blessing in my life) supported me when I arrived in the UK.


I was able to secure a job offer and began working less than 2 months after arriving in the UK.


My life has changed in so many ways, having lost my husband and eldest son. I can now start living a normal and settled life. I thank the Ben Fund, my sister and the good Lord.

No matter what happens in life, there is always hope