How we support you

Priority application

As an ICE member, you may be able to access Hanover properties as a priority.

Supportive communities

Hanover estates vary throughout the UK but typically offer facilities such as on-site staff and landscaped gardens. They are also have a pet-friendly policy.

Financial support

You may be eligible for financial assistance to help with your living expenses.

Support for you, or your partner

Accommodation for couples and single people through Hanover.


We have a 24-hour telephone helpline, as well as telephone and face-to-face counselling to help manage transitions in your life.

Online wellbeing resources

A wealth of information to manage transitions and help in your later years.

The properties are lovely at Hanover


We have nomination rights with Hanover Housing, a national leader in providing a range of attractive and affordable homes and related services designed exclusively for older people. This means that, in some areas of the UK, ICE members may be able to access Hanover retirement properties as a priority and avoid lengthy waits.

If you are looking into retirement properties and Hanover Housing offer something you are interested in, then contact the Ben Fund to see if we can get you to the top of the waiting list.

If you are experiencing financial pressure, you may also be eligible for financial support, either to pay for one-off expenses or as an ongoing grant.

The Ben Fund also has a range of properties in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, should you be looking at moving into this area. 

Find out if you are eligible for this service