How to leave a legacy

Discuss with your family

It’s helpful to make sure your family knows about your wishes and how the Ben Fund can support them when you’re no longer around.

Make a will

Making a Will makes things easier and less distressing for those left behind.

Legacy wording

You can download our suggested wording to help you leave a legacy to the Ben Fund.

Legal advice

We have a 24hr telephone helpline if you have any general legal queries.

Leaving a legacy helps us to continue our work

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The Benevolent Fund is grateful to the many civil engineers who have supported us after they have left the world they have helped to build. Civil engineers by their very nature want to improve society and the world around them and it’s no surprise they want to leave a lasting legacy to support future engineers to do the same.

Why leave a legacy?

If you’d like to further the general work of the Ben Fund, legacies are a wonderful gift used to improve the lives of civil engineers and their families

Let your family know

Discuss your plans with your family and ensure you pass on details of the Ben Fund, as they are entitled to access services when you are no longer around.

In memoriam

Special thanks are given to the civil engineers who have bequeathed money to the ICE Benevolent Fund. Kris Barnett, CEO tells us how legacy payments support the Ben Fund.

A lasting legacy

Kris Barnett, CEO of ICE Benevolent Fund, thanks those that have left gifts in their wills.

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The difference we make in the words of those we help

Individuals share with us what our support has meant to them and their families. It shows our supporters how a bit of help can go a long way.

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