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Corporate payment

If your employer pays your ICE subscription, it is unlikely that you contribute to the Ben Fund

100% of member donations are given back out to an ICE member in need

The Benevolent Fund operates as a separate Charity to the ICE and as such receives no funding from ICE subscriptions or from ICE itself. ICE members wishing to support the work of their Ben Fund need to opt into an annual voluntary donation in addition to their ICE subscription payment.

You can check whether you donate via your MyICE account. You can also alter the amount you pay annually if you wish.

If your employer pays your ICE subscription it is unlikely it pays a voluntary donation to the Ben Fund on your behalf. For more ways to donate go back to ‘Support us’

You can check your donation status through the subscription period - October to March.

Find out if you pay your annual voluntary donation to the Ben Fund

Reasons why our members donate

Hear from past Patron and ICE President, Paul Sheffield, and other ICE members and supporters, about why they donate to their Benevolent Fund

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The difference we make in the words of those we help

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