Emergency grants

If you need support to get you through a crisis

One off payments 

To help you with a one off purchase that may improve your quality of life


Guidance through the application process if you need it and advice on where else to turn

Helpline advice

Available 24/7, the helpline is totally independent and confidential

Online wellbeing resources

To improve both your financial and personal resilience

Grants can be turned around quickly in an emergency situation


No one knows what challenges lie ahead and sometimes a helping hand to support you through a particular event or challenge is all it takes to get you back on track. We can help make a real difference.

As an ICE member, if you, or your immediate family, need access to emergency funds or a one off payment to help with a purchase, please get in touch.

One-off payments

You may need a one-off grant to get you through a particularly challenging time of to purchase a specific piece of equipment or item that would make your life easier.

Examples include disability aids and access to increased mobility, help with necessary home improvements and property maintenance costs.

Ongoing support

We also offer monthly grants for up to six months, sometimes more if circumstances are longer term and more challenging.

Examples include supporting members with long term illness, through periods of unemployment or facing a temporary setback.

Apply online today

You don't have to be at crisis point to approach us for help. If you are feeling the strain, get in touch now.

Check your eligibility status below and then you can start the process today by applying online or downloading the application form if you prefer.

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Bath 1.jpg
The Ben Fund helped with the cost of a rise and fall bath for Eliza
Ross - Member

Ross contacted the Ben Fund to ask for help to support his eldest daughter, Eliza. They needed additional funding for a specialist bath to support Eliza, who suffers from Rett Syndrome.