Emergency grants

Helping in a crisis if you need immediate assistance

Monthly payments

To those with very limited income or unable to work

Help with independence

Paying for disability aids, adaptations or equipment

House repairs or maintenance

To support you at home

Residential or nursing home fees

Top up fees for you or your partner


Helping you have time out or helping carers have a break          


Making ends meet on a daily basis can be a constant balancing act – calculating what’s around the corner, virtually impossible. We’re here to help you through. From funding for essential everyday things to emergency grants that can turn a person’s life around, we can help make a real difference.

As an ICE member, if you, or your immediate family, are experiencing financial difficulties, please get in touch.

One-off payments

You may need a one-off grant to get you through a particularly challenging time or to purchase a specific piece of equipment or item that would make your life easier.

Examples include disability aids and access to increased mobility, help with necessary home improvements and property maintenance costs.

Ongoing support

We also offer monthly grants for up to six months, sometimes more if circumstances are longer term and more challenging.

Examples include supporting members with long term illness, through periods of unemployment or facing a temporary setback.

Apply online today

You don't have to be at crisis point to approach us for help. If you are feeling the strain, get in touch now.

Check your eligibility status below and then you can start the process today by applying online or downloading the application form if you prefer.

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Chris and family.jpg
The Ben Fund became one of my angels
Chris - Overseas Member

Chris had been an ICE member since the mid 1990s and put together his own video about how the Ben Fund supported him and his family when he was diagnosed with gastric cancer. He had to stop work and household finances were put under considerable strain. A fellow ICE member recommended the Ben Fund to him. He describes the ICE Ben Fund as one of the angels that helped the family.

Unfortunately, Chris lost his battle with cancer but the Ben Fund continues to be there to support the family with whatever they need.