How we support you

Regular payments

To support your finances while you build your financial resilience.

Independent financial advice

To help you manage debt and get on top of your budget.

Helpline advice

Available 24/7, the helpline is totally independent and confidential.

Online wellbeing resources

To improve both your financial and personal resilience.

One-off grants

Depending on your circumstances.

Izzy was surprised when it wasn't just one payment, it was monthly support.

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No-one knows what lies ahead and sometimes a helping hand to support you through a particular challenge is what you need.

We can help make a difference.

As an ICE member, if you or your immediate family could benefit from ongoing financial support to help with daily living costs, please get in touch.

Ongoing support

We can offer monthly grants for up to six months, sometimes longer depending on circumstance.

This might involve supporting members through illness, periods of unemployment or those facing a temporary setback.

One-off payments

We can provide one-off grants to get you through a particularly challenging time, perhaps to purchase a specific piece of equipment or an item that would make your life easier.

Examples include disability aids and help with property maintenance or necessary home improvements.

Apply online today

You don't have to be at crisis point to approach the Ben Fund for help. If you are feeling the strain, contact us now.

You can check your eligibility status below and then start the process by applying online or downloading the application form.

Find out if you are eligible for this service