How we support you

Free 24hr helpline

It’s good to talk. Confidential advice on a vast range of topics with specialist advisors

Financial support

One off payments of ongoing support if financial worries are causing anxiety or stress


Telephone or face to face counselling can be offered if a series of sessions is required

Online wellbeing resources

A huge range of resources, accessible 24/7, that help build your personal resilience

Wellbeing webinars and workshops

Tools and techniques to help you become more resilient and enjoy a calmer, more productive life

Mental health is as important as physical health and we are just as committed to supporting your mental wellbeing.


We have a range of services to help ICE members, former members and their families, maintain good mental health. We also have robust interventions if you need additional support to improve your mental health and wellbeing. These services are available for your immediate family members too.

We have a number of counselling options available to support good mental health and help if you are experiencing times of difficulty.

Our 24hr helpline would be the first port of call to discuss any problems you may have. From here you can receive telephone or face to face counselling, depending on your circumstances.

The Ben Fund office staff is also available to refer you to counselling services if needed, or to talk through what kind of support we can offer.

Mental health often declines when people are experiencing financial strain and our financial support is often the first contact we have with people experiencing difficulties.

It is not uncommon for someone receiving financial support, to also benefit from financial advice to manage debts and counselling to help improve their mental wellbeing.

Our workshops and webinars also provide tools and techniques to help improve mental wellbeing, including topics such as assertiveness and confidence, personal resilience, mindfulness and  managing anxiety.

Access online wellbeing resources today

Daniel Hooper.flipped.jpg
I am so thankful for the support from the Ben Fund, getting me back on the road
Daniel - Fellow

Daniel was a very keen triathlete and cyclist throughout his life until an accident in 2010, when he broke his foot very badly. He needed a specialist trike to get back into his fitness regime  and lift himself out of depression.