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If you die without making a Will, your property and belongings (your estate) will be divided up according to intestacy rules, which may not be how you would choose for your estate to be treated. 

An in person appointment 

Meet with a solicitor near you to create a free standard Will.


What to include in your Will.

Peace of mind

Ensuring that your wishes for your property, money and belongings will be carried out.

Helping you to get your affairs in order.

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The Ben Fund has teamed up with National Free Wills Network to give you the opportunity to write your standard Will for free.

You will meet face-to-face with a solicitor near you to set down your wishes for what will happen to your money, belongings, property and pets when you are no longer around.

You can nominate who you would like to handle your affairs after you die and will have the option, if you choose, to leave charitable gifts.

Contact the Ben Fund to register your interest here.

NB: This offer is for a standard Will. If your Will is deemed as a complex Will, the standard element will remain free and you will only need to pay for the complex element.

A complex Will might include such issues as:

  • Tax advice in connection with large estates and Inheritance Tax
  • Overseas property
  • Business ownership
  • Discretionary/living trusts

This list is not exhaustive.